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Producers, wholesalers, and retailers selling New England grown product are encouraged to use the Harvest New England logo on their product packaging and promotions.  Using the HNE logo increases consumer awareness of where their food  comes from and encourages future purchases of local produce.  To download the logo and details on the appropriate use of the logo, please visit the HNE logo page.

Most of the states participating in the Harvest New England Association have a locally grown marketing campaign:

Support New England farms by buying New England farm products. 

Farms give New England much of its special character.  As New Englanders, we recognize the importance of local food production and processing.  The Harvest New England program was created to make it easier for New Englanders to identify locally produced food and agricultural products in their local supermarkets.

Look for the Harvest New England logo or other state-grown identification of local produce and other farm products in your local grocery store. The follow stores are committed to buying farm products from local producers whenever possible:




New Hampshire:

Rhode Island: