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Farm Credit Northeast AgEnhancement supports programs, project and events that are intended to strengthen agriculture, commercial fishing and the forest products sector in the Northeast. This program is a combined effort of Farm Credit East, Yankee Farm Credit and CoBank.

Presenting Sponsor

Nick Managan   |  802-238-7772   |  nmanagan@cabotcheese.coop
Cabot Creamery Co-operative makes a full line of cheeses, Greek yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese and butter. Widely known as makers of “The World’s Best Cheddar,” Cabot is owned by the 800 dairy farm families of Agri-Mark, the Northeast’s premier dairy cooperative, with farms in New England and New York.


Tom Cosgrove   |  860-741-4380  |  tom.cosgrove@farmcrediteast.com
Farm Credit East is part of the Farm Credit System, a nationwide agricultural network providing credit and affiliated services to those in agriculture and related industries across the United States. We serve the ag credit and financial services needs of producers in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New York and New Jersey.


Jodi Dee   |  508-922-9154   |  author@jodidee.com
Author Jodi Dee and proudly publishes quality, meaningful and relevant content for education, eco-friendly and environmental awareness, social and emotional development, self improvement and empowerment.
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Jacob Wafler   |    315-594-2399   |  info@waflernursery.com
Apple and Pear tree nursery in Wolcott, NY. We also sell tree training supplies.

Workshop Sponsor

Ryan Wilson   |  603-868-2111  |  info@demeritthillfarm.com 
Our mission is to produce top quality fruit, vegetables and other agricultural products while focusing on providing a hands on pick-your-own experience to your family.  We continually strive to create an environmentally conscious sustainable farm in an enjoyable relaxed outdoor setting where family and friends can have fun.

Stuart Farnham   |  802-674-5506   |  stuart@figvt.com
Frazer Insurance Agency, Inc. is a multi-state farm insurance agency. We write small to large farm and ranch operations in VT, NH, ME, and NY. The Agency also offers products for personal, business, and life options.

Myrna Greenfield   |  617-642-3562   |  myrna@goodeggmarketing.com
Good Egg Marketing is a Boston-based business specializing in marketing for small farms and independent food businesses. We offer market research, branding, sales and marketing strategies, digital marketing, and training and coaching services.

Amy Crone     |    443-212-8084     |    info@marketlink.org
MarketLink is a NAFMNP program that assists farmers and markets with accepting SNAP. It is a USDA-funded ‘free equipment program’, providing grant funding to direct marketing farmers and markets.

Jeff Cole   |  617-674-2371   |  jcole@thecarrotproject.org
The Carrot Project seeks to increase the number of successful small farm and agriculture businesses in Southern New England. Our priority is start-up and early-stage farms, fishermen, and food entrepreneurs who use sustainable methods and are low-to-moderate income, but we also work with more established businesses.

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